The paperwork is approaching and the page is empty. What to do?

How many times have we been in a situation where we almost look at an empty computer screen when the writing deadline is almost over? At the beginning of the semester of the academic year, everyone is relaxed because they still have a lot of time to complete all the tasks, but the semester goes unnoticed. And when you understand this, it seems that nothing can be done any more – the conscience will be depressed by the debt. Such a scenario can be avoided by consulting with the staff with various issues related to the papers, courses, bachelor and master theses (of course, if you are approaching the last moment because our consultants are also busy). But if you happen to have a little time, don’t break yourself, because it won’t help you.

Look from another perspective. If your conscience has not started writing your writing, look at your situation as a challenge. No matter how banal it is, negative thoughts in such a situation can be the decisive cause of your failure to deal with the task. Be positive, convince yourself that you can write and write in writing. Even if the end result is not perfect, your at least unscrupulous conscience for not trying.

Be realistic. Ask yourself who is guilty of getting into such a situation. Was there too little time to write for writing? If you had enough time, you probably did not take this task seriously. So, admitting that all this is your responsibility and guilt, accept it and start from the unpleasant situation.

Don’t give up. The worst thing you can do in this case is to give up. Then you will not get rid of the reproaches of conscience that you have not even tried to deal with the task. Especially if the fact that the job is still not written is due to other reasons than to your lack of time. So you will calm your conscience only by trying to do the work that you have not done.

Relax. If you have decided not to give up, relax. Do not think that you could start writing your writing earlier. This will be a lesson for you for the future. So stop yelling yourself. Make a few relaxation exercises, you can go out for a short run. Physical activity will allow your brain to relax, unload negative emotions. Then you can sit at work with a bright head and feel positive.

Calculate how much time you have and think what can be done through it. Realistically estimate what result you can achieve in the time available. If you think it is not a good thing to do everything perfectly, write a wide and detailed writing work, and that is the perfection and not the pursuit. Be sure to write it down so that the result is enough to prevent you from making a debt until the writing is complete. Spend time to discuss the essentials, set out and justify your thoughts. Don’t go into the details.

Try to agree on a later date. If you see that there is very little time left, ask the teacher to give you a few more days. If you have good reasons why you may not be able to do your work in time, please set them up. And if you have no such reasons – what’s the worst? Does the teacher refuse to give more time? At least you will have tried.

Sleep. Do not try to finish your writing work at the expense of a good rest. Without the amount of sleep you need, your brain will refuse to act 100 percent, and that will not be good. When we are tired, we see everything in darker colors; Unsaved work may seem impossible and there will be a risk that everything will go wrong. So good rest is one of the most essential things.

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